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Travel to Greenland

Greenland allows entry. You must pay attention to a number of requirements and deadlines. See requirements and deadlines here.

Last updated: July 31st 2020

Greenland allows entry, but sets out a number of requirements for anyone wishing to enter the country.

Below you can see what you must pay attention to before departing from Greenland, test procedures, Sumut form, and how to proceed when arriving in Greenland.

Before traveling to Greenland

Greenland is open for entry if you are a resident of an open country.
Below you can familiarize yourself with what you need to be aware of before leaving for Greenland, test procedures, the Sumut (where to) form, and how you should behave accordingly when arriving in Greenland.

Before you are getting the following documentations that we require you have before travelling to Greenland, make sure that you check:

1. If your final destination is an “Open Place” or a “Vulnerable Place”.
2. If you have a place to stay in that place you are staying the first days of arrival.
3. If you can be tested in one of the Nordic Countries 5 days prior travelling to Greenland (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Faroe Island or Iceland).
4. If your itinerary is ready before filling the SUMUT form.

Open Places and Vulnerable Places in Greenland
Your journey depends on your final destination
If you have passed a negative COVID-19 test before departure and filled in the SUMUT form, you can travel to the following cities without further restrictions.

These are the 10 cities and 2 settlements that are “Open Places”:

Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq - Nuuk - Paamiut
Qeqqata Kommunia - Sisimiut - Maniitsoq - Kangerlussuaq
Kommune Kujalleq - Qaqortoq - Narsaq – Narsarsuaq
Kommune Qeqertalik - Aasiaat - Qasigiannguit – Qeqertarsuaq
Avannaata Kommunia – Ilulissat

If your final destination does not appear in the list above, you should stay in the city with health center that is closest to your final destination. If you have a home address in Greenland, you can contact the authorities regarding accommodation facilities for test results. If you do not have an address in your final destination, you must maintain the expenses that may be associated with accommodation, rebookings, board and lodging. Contact your local health center and order a COVID-19 test to be performed on the 5th day. In the event of a negative test result, you can travel on to your final destination if there is a positive result, go directly into isolation. The health center will contact the National Board of Health for further clarification of your situation.

Test procedure in Denmark

We recommend all travelling to Greenland to check beforehand that the performed and required COVID-19 test is a RT/PCR test. That the facility performing the test is approved, it should ideally be a Scandinavian hospital and the test results shouldn’t be any older than 5 days on the day entering Greenland.

Tests at Rigshospitalet or at other hospitals can be ordered at:

The following must appear in the order email:

o Attach the receipt email you receive for the completed Sumut form
o Name
o CPR (Personal identification number or birthdate)
o Telephone number that works in Denmark
o Active email address
o Departure date to Greenland
o Whether you want to book an appointment for testing at (requires NemId, see above), or you want it on your e-mail address
o If Rigshospitalet has to book a time and place for a test for you, you must state which test date and which test place you want

After booking the appointment, Rigshospitalet sends you an email with information about the time and place for testing at the email address you have provided.

By sending the Sumut form to Rigshospitalet, you give your consent to Rigshospitalet that they can share your test results with Air Greenland. Air Greenland is provided with name, test result and test ID. The list is sent securely and Air Greenland deletes the list after boarding.

Response times:

The response time for performed tests at Rigshospitalet is the shortest and it is therefore recommended. You should check with them beforehand, how you can ensure that you have the test results before departing towards Greenland that meets the requirements of not being any older than 5 days. It can take up to 72 hours.
For tests ordered through Rigshospitalet but performed at other hospitals, it takes a little longer and it is recommended to be tested at least 4 days before departure.
When testing outside the national hospital, including Testcenter Danmark's tents, it can in some cases take longer than the maximum allowed 5 days. Therefore, this solution is not recommended.

Test outside Rigshospitalet:
People who order tests outside Rigshospitalet, e.g. through their own doctor or, are themselves responsible for obtaining the receipt for the negative test result and that the test result arrives before departure. The test must be an RT/PCR test and you should apply beforehand to check if a exemption can be granted for this facility.
Air Greenland and Rigshospitalet can NOT h elp if there is an error or misunderstanding with tests performed outside Rigshospitalet.
Requirements for the test answer
If you have been tested outside Rigshospitalet, make sure that the written test answer contains the following information:

• "Tested for COVID-19". NB. It must not be an antibody test.
• Name
• Date of birth
• Test date
• Test results

The COVID-19 test must be a maximum of 5 days old before departure.
If you cannot present a negative test result before departure, you are responsible for the additional costs in relation to denied boarding, subsequent rebooking of the ticket.

If your test result is positive

• You must go directly into isolation.
• You cannot board the aircraft.
• You can only travel to Greenland when you test negative for Covid-19
• Extra expenses for your stay are at your own expense

When will the test results be ready, when performed in Denmark
The response time to the Covid-19 test depends on whether the test was ordered via Rigshospitalet or not, as well as where it was performed.

When the test must be a maximum of 5 days (120 hours) old before departure, this means that you can travel no later than the 5th day after the test.
Example: If you have been tested on Monday, you must travel no later than Friday.

When will you receive the COVID-19 test result in Denmark?
  • The test result is ready three days after the test has been performed, regardless of whether you have booked a test yourself via or via Rigshospitalet

Because the test must be performed a maximum of five days prior to the departure, you will be able to depart no later than five days after the test.

Example: If the test was performed on Monday, your departure day cannot be later than Friday

Foreign tourists and tests

Tourists from countries outside the Danish Commonwealth must independently have a test from the Nordic Countries* performed and obtain a negative test result that is at most five days old – the test must be an RT/PCR test. 

We recommend that you take the test in Copenhagen if you are travelling through Denmark, and Iceland if you are travelling through Iceland. 

The requirements for the test result must allow that you’ll be able to get connections in Denmark on to Greenland within five days. If this is not possible, you must index the time in the travel plans to be tested in Rigshospitalet, which is the only place that can handle tests for people without a Danish CPR number.

If you can’t take the test in Denmark or Iceland due to extreme case, then you must send an application to us, explaining why you can’t get tested in the Nordic Countries and when sending an e-mail to us asking for an application, we require that you send the following informations to

- Itinerary
- Test center/Hospital informations (Must be a public testcenter/Hospital. A link for the homepage)
- Informations about which test they are taking (PCR-RNA, RT-PCR or SARS-CoV-2. We do not accept antibody test)
- An explanation why you can’t take the test in the Nordic countries – has to be an extreme case. 

When you get a preapproval to be tested in your country, then remember to ask for an English receipt for the negative test result from the pre-test for Covid-19.
If you can not present a negative test result within departure, then you are responsible for the additional costs in relation to denied boarding, subsequent rebooking of tickets.

*Nordic Countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Faroe Islands and Iceland.

About the Sumut form

The Sumut form is a document that you need to fill out, it among other things, contains information about:

• Your travel plan
• your destination
• who you are visiting or staying at

The form is a tool to identify any contact points in case of any outbreaks.
The form can be found under Sumut-blanket and the receipt email for completion must be presented at check-in either electronically or in print.
Receipt email for the completed Sumut form must be used as confirmation of entry to Greenland, when ordering a COVID-19 test via Rigshospitalet and at check-in at the airport

Questions / help
If you have questions about filling out the Sumut form - Contact 80 11 00
• On arrival in Greenland
You must wear a mask on the entire trip from Denmark or Iceland and all the way to your final destination.
• You must follow all health professional recommendations:
 Keep distance - limit physical contact
 Wash hands frequently or use rubbing alcohol
 Cough or sneeze into the sleeve
 Avoid spitting
 Avoid being places with close contact to many people
 Pay attention to cleaning and venting
 Stay home if you have symptoms of illness

Before departing to Greenland

The following is necessary documentation when entering Greenland

• Confirmation email for a completed Sumut form
• A test for Covid-19 with negative test results. The test have to be performed at a Scandinavian hospital – in extreme and rare cases an exemption can be granted for this. In those cases the performed test should be a RT/PCR test and the test results should be no older than 5 days from the day you are tested.

Don’t have all the required documentation?
If you show up at check-in without the confirmation email for the completed Sumut form and / or the right documentation for the performed COVID-19 test, with a negative test result, you won’t be allowed to board the plane.
Additional costs for your stay are at your own expense.

If you test positive for COVID-19 before your departure
If you test positive for COVID-19 before your departure, you will not be able to board the aircraft.
Should you still wish to travel to Greenland can this only happen if/when you have submitted a new test result that shows negative test result for Covid-19.
Additional costs for your stay are at your own expense.

Contact list for healthcare centers in Greenland
You can contact the below healthcare centers to book a COVID-19 test.
City Phone: 8 am - 4 pm Phone: After 4:00 pm
Aasiaat 89 22 11 89 22 11
Ilulissat 94 32 11 94 32 11
Ittoqqortoormiit 99 10 11 59 93 21
Kangaatsiaq 89 43 00 89 22 11
Maniitsoq 81 32 11 81 32 11
Nanortalik 61 32 11 61 32 11
Narsaq 66 12 11 66 12 11
Nuuk 34 44 00 34 44 00
Paamiut 68 12 11 68 12 11
Qaqortoq 64 22 11 64 22 11
Qasigiannguit 91 12 11 89 22 11
Qeqertarsuaq 92 12 11 89 22 11
Qaanaaq 97 10 11 94 32 11
Sisimiut 86 42 11 86 42 11
Tasiilaq 98 12 11 98 12 11
Upernavik 96 12 11 96 12 11
Uummannaq 95 12 11 95 12 11